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Room Service

Daily Restaurant buffet

Breakfast Buffet

06:30 AM To 10:30 AM 

Lunch Buffet

12.30 PM To 03.00 PM 

Dinner Buffet

6.30 PM To 10.30 PM

Salad, Sandwiches & Pizza


Mixed Green Salad

Lettuce, Cucumber, bell pepper & balsamic dressing

Greek Salad

Tomato, Lettuce, Cucumber, Black Olive Feta Cheese & Olive Oil

Pizza Margherita

Mozzarella cheese-Olive oil – Tomato

Pizza Vegetable 

(Mozzarella cheese – Bell pepper – Mushroom –Onions – Tomato 

Geneva Cheeseburger 180gr 

Grilled beef burger topped with onions, cheddar cheese –lettuce

Chicken Sandwich

Marinated Chicken breast, lettuce, pickles,  tomato, mayo

Club Sandwich

Chicken Breast, Roast Beef, Tomato, Lettuce, Egg Omelet

Cheese Sandwich

Cheddar Cheese and Tomato Slices on Grilled Toast

Kids Menu


Chicken Nuggets With French Fries

Basket Of French Fries



Selections of cake

Please ask room service for available selection

Selections of Ice Cream 3 Scoops

Please ask room service for available flavors

Cold Drinks


Cola, Fanta, Sprite

Diet Cola, Diet Sprite

Orange Juice

Apple Juice

S, Pellegrino Small

S, Pellegrino Large

Mineral Water Small

Mineral Water Large

Hot Drinks

Turkish Coffee

American Coffee




All Sandwiches are served with French Fries.

All Price Are subject to a 5% Service Charge & 8% Government Tax.

All food orders will take 20 minutes to be delivered to your room.

To order please contact room service – Extension #505.

8.00  JD

14.10 JD

12.35 JD

6.00 JD

6.00 JD

7.00 JD

7.00 JD

7.25 JD

​7.25 JD

​7.25 JD

5.00 JD

5.00 JD
3.00 JD

4.50 JD

4.50 JD

3.50 JD
3.50 JD
3.50 JD
3.50 JD
3.00 JD
4.00 JD
1.00 JD
2.00 JD

3.50 JD
3.50 JD
3.50 JD
3.00 JD
3.00 JD

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